At Lagnam, Yarn is manufactured using the most Automated, State of the Art and Innovative Technology

Blow Room
Modern Blow Room Line from Truetzschler with Fully automatic Bale Opener, Seed Trap, Pre-Cleaner, Multi Mixture, Cleanomat Cleaner CL - C3 / 1600 equipped with Dustex and SPFPU to control Colour and White Polypropylene contanimantion.

Card and Drawing
Truetzschler latest card TC 5-3 with quality monitoring and Draw Frame TD - 07 with micro computer control system and Auto can changer.

Truetzschler Draw Frames TD-08 with Autoleveller, up to 8 fold doubling, computer control system with comprehensive quality monitoring and auto can changer.

Open-End Spinning Machines from SCHLAFHORST, Germany, the leading textile machine manufacturer in the world.

Autocoro 8: The world's most Advanced Rotor Spinning Machine
Latest innovation from Schlafhorst, capable of producing Multi Count Yarn at one time. A unique spin box for all kinds of knitting and weaving applications along with Waxing Device. Multi lot processing will help to achieve quick shipments.

Corolab XF: Color Contamination Control with Digital Yarn Monitoring system with optical sensor for quality monitoring of the yarn at each spinning unit.

Luwa Humidification Plant with Digi 5 control system
To maintain optimum Temperature and Humidity during the manufacturing process. The system also removes dust and waste fibres efficiently from the production process.

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