The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of 100% Cotton Yarn of Count range Ne 4s to Ne 20s with the following quality parameters.

CSP: 1900+
IPI: 15 to 40 Depending on count
Uster: 10 to 11
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate
GOTS and OCS Certificate
BCI Certificate

USTERIZED Certificate

We are the only standalone Open End Yarn Manufacturer in the world who has been authorised to use USTER™ Trademark. The quality can be matched to Customers' requirements with the most Advanced Technology and has Uster Equipments like AFIS PRO 2, UT5, UTR 4, Classimat 5.

Raw Material Testing: All raw materials are tested for Moisture, Trash, Length, Strength, Mic, Neps, etc. through HVI and AFIS. The raw material is issued only after the test results to maintain the quality parameters.

Yarn Testing: Every lot is tested for CSP, Uster and Classimat at the time of start of production and repeated subsequently to ensure the quality.

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