Lagnam Procon Private Limited (LPCPL)
Corporate Information:

LPCPL was originally incorporated as Devyog Investments Private Limited Company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 vide certificate of Incorporation dated on April 26th, 1988. The name of the company was subsequently changed from Devyog Investments Private Limited to Lagnam Procon Private Limited vide certificate dated March 31st, 2010. The registered office of company is situated at A-22, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110025. The Corporate Identification Number of the company is U74899DL1988PTC031425. Paid Up share capital of the company is Rs.3.11 Lacs

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of Lagnam Procon Private Limited are as under:

  1. Dwarka Prasad Mangal
  2. Veena Mangal
Main Objects of Our Group Company:

  1. To act as financial consultants, management consultants, advisors, surveyors, brokers, and provide advice and consultancy services in various fields such as general administrative, secretarial, commercial, financial, legal, economic, labour, industrial, public relations, scientific, technical, direct and indirect taxation and other levis, statistical, accountancy, quality control, data processing and production and market control.

  2. To prepare and submit tenders overall and detailed plants for civil and industrial execution to any company, corporation, body corporate, industries, firm association or any person with regard to:

  3. To render consultancy services on modern management, techniques essentials to industry in the field of organization, planning, administration, personnel, finance and accounting, marketing and market research, production and economic planning.
    • New Project and/ or
    • Improvements and/ or expansion of the existing projects

  4. To render organizations development services, staff recruitment development and training services and assistance in equipment handling and establishing of systems and procedures including preparation procurement of manual of all kinds, literature, business forms and instruction sets, consultancy services, relating to management, economic, commercial, financial and technical in all fields of endeavor, whether business, governmental, social, educational or any other spheres and to render market research and development services.

  5. To act as consultants and advisor on information systems, internet, call centre, medical, transcription and provide services, based thereto including those, on the use of computers and business machines of all kinds including all type of information and word processing equipment, such as copying machine, electronic, or other communication systems, typewriters and disking systems, related to data and information processing and to furnish to the users the systems, know-how program and other software relating to the use of such machine and allied peripherals and to assist to set up, operate and supervise the operation of the data processing division of other companies or organizations in India and elsewhere.
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